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Oct 6

Going to Tahiti Productions » From the Rehearsal Room – TSC’s Composer – Dede Booth

Dede comments on what it’s been like composing for theatre production, The Sandman’s Coming.

Jul 8

An Insight into Broadway Singing

Dede’s experiences in her latest voice training session:

Jul 2

Voice training being recognized as relevant to life

Click here to read about Dede’s second Estill voice session.

Behind the vocal coaching scenes

After 1 year of being diagnosed with asymetrical vocal cords, a condition that has left Dede unable to proceed with the vocal recording sessions of “Another Afterlife”, she is undergoing vocal coaching from a renoun Estill Voice trainer.  Dede will be blogging her experiences on the band’s Reverb Nation blog.  Click here to read about her first session.

Apr 2

Dede’s Solo Work is Here

The release of Dede’s solo record, “Music from The Sandman’s Coming” is now available on bandcamp at, and from now until 6/1, the record can be your’s, free!

Although this is Dede’s first solo record and first instrumental release, she states, “this is not the first and only, this is the first of many”.

Benefit Concert Date Announced

Dede Booth will be performing a rare and unplugged special Sententia set at Battle Wounds, a benefit concert put on by Hope2Cope.  This will be Sententia’s first performance since December, 2010, and Dede’s first performance since her vocal cord injury.  The gig is set for April 21st, at Johnny D’s.  The concert is to raise self-injury awareness, in which all proceeds will be benefiting the 3East program at McLean Hospital, an adolescent residential program that treats self-injury and other behavioral addictions.  Click on the events link for showtime details.

Sententia to Participate in Benefit Concert

Sententia will be headlining a Boston benefit concert run by arts-based social action group, Hope2Cope.  All proceeds to the concert will be going to raise self-injury awareness; charities include the National Self-Injury Foundation and the 3East Institute of McLean Hospital.  Date and time for the event to be announced.

Dec 5

New Vocal Treatment Seems Promising for Dede

A new method of treatment for Dede’s vocal injury is being tried out. Dede began two daily doses of steam ventilization, done through nose and mouth deep breathing and steam inhalation. The treatment is done twice daily at 15 minute intervals and so far seems to be having a positive effect on Dede’s voice.

"I was skeptical at first", comments Dede, "but it seems to be helping quite a bit. I just put on this Darth Vadar like mask and do the treatment every morning and night for 15 minutes. So far it really seems to be opening up my airway and keeping my vocal cords from tightening. Things just feel looser. And I’m able to sing without as much of a strain or any kind of post-singing or talking voice pain. My range is still incredibly small, but the lessening of pain is huge."

Dede’s begun practicing songs for Another Afterlife again. As far as changing her mind on her role as lead singer or whether she will continue auditioning, Dede says that “I really don’t want to make a decision at this time and say yes or no. I’m still far from being as vocally strong as I need to be, but the fact that there’s improvement is a great sign. So if I can sing, then yes, of course I want to remain the band’s lead singer. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop the auditioning process either. I think in the end, I may just choose to sing lead on some or most of the record, and look for one or two guest singers who can add a greater depth to some of the songs than I am no longer capable of adding. We’ll see. It’s an ongoing process and I’m not discouraged in the least. This record is going to get finished, and when it is, I hope the fans are just as prouf of it as I am”.

Dede is also keeping her fingers crossed in being accepted into an ACT support group in January to help limit the amount of stress that exacerbates a vocal strain. And as solos for the record and bass parts are being recorded and mixed, the album is in great shape, patiently waiting for that finishing vocal touch.

Oct 7

Sententia Auditions for Singer

After careful and countless thought, Sententia has decided to audition for a new singer. As of last week, the process is underway. Regarding the decision, this is what Dede had to say:

"This is obviously a major decision for me to make. And although it is a sad decision, it is also the right decision. My voice has been a wreck for the past year, and I can no longer be in denial of its condition. In the end, it is the music that is calling the shots, not me, and I will not stand in the way and compromise the integrity of this record. It is therefore, my decision to step down as lead singer.

That is not to say that I won’t decide to sing lead again. Without knowing when or if I will recover from my voice disorder, it just seems appropriate to spend the time looking for a fresh voice rather than waste this time in limbo; hoping and putting unnecessary pressure on myself. I’d rather move forward with the band than take a hiatus. After all, it is bands like Katatonia that inspire me to keep moving forward despite obstacles. Down the road, this obstacle will be a mere speed bump on our journey. That I’m sure of.”

Details on the auditions will be announced as they unfold.

Jul 1

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Sara Cashman for winning the Second Chances contest. We got a lot of great responses, but her submission is what Dede says “I couldn’t have crawled into my own brain better than what her words said to me.” And as promised, Cashman’s words will appear in some “not-so-conventional” spoken word sections on the record.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. Stay tuned for more updates from the band.